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IPC Chronic Scale: Lessons Learned During the 2nd Round of Piloting

2nd Round of IPC Chronic Pilots - Practical tips and key steps
Lessons Learning Papers

The second round of piloting was conducted between September and November 2013, and consisted of four pilots: Kenya, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and Malawi. The pilots started in the end of September with the Kenya pilot and ended in the second half of November with the Malawi pilot.

This second round of piloting was based on the lessons learned during the first round of piloting from September 2012 to February 2013, and the subsequent work conducted on the draft tools, procedures, and training materials for the chronic analysis. The feedback received from the Kenya pilot was also used to revise the tools and training materials for the later three pilots.

The next stage is to make the necessary revisions to the current draft chronic analysis tools and training materials on basis of the lessons learned from all the four pilots, the work done by the sub-working groups, and the discussions in the London meeting. The ultimate goal is to release the version 1.0 of the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Analysis in early 2014.


Kaija Korpi
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