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Brochure - IPC in East and Central Africa

Overview of the IPC implementation in ECA.
IPC Analysis

Despite significant efforts to mitigate hunger and poverty, food insecurity in Eastern and Central Africa remains of serious concern. A combination of conflicts, climatic shocks, transboundary crop and livestock diseases and soaring food prices have contributed to extreme poverty in the region, destroying livelihoods and placing basic goods out of the reach of many households.


In a context of dynamic, complex and, in many cases, protracted crises such as that in Eastern and Central Africa, effective information exchange among all involved stakeholders is crucial to assess needs, design effective interventions, prevent programme overlaps and help identify and stabilize financial resources.


Considerable progress has been made in the region in terms of using the IPC tool, process and products to support governments and the humanitarian community in their efforts to predict, prepare for and respond to food security crises. 


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Oriane Turot, IPC GSU Technical Support Coordinator
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