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IPC Acute Analysis Workshop in Malawi


In Malawi, an IPC Level 1 Training, including a session on the use of the IPC Information Support System, and an IPC Acute Food insecurity Analysis were conducted in December 2014.

The Malawi Technical Working Group (TWG) that conducted the analysis consisted of 12 participants. Two of them and the co-facilitator were from neighbouring countries and could take part in the workshops thanks to the IPC Cross-Country Learning Exchange programme.

The Malawi IPC Technical Working Group (MVAC) conducted the analysis on the ISS and several members noted the enhanced efficiency in analysis provided by the system and indicated interest to conduct subsequent IPC analyses in Malawi using the ISS platform. It also represented an opportunity for one of the co-facilitators to fulfil all the requirements to be certified as IPC Trainer & Facilitator, thus enhancing the IPC technical knowledge at country level. The creation of a pool of local IPC Trainers & Facilitators is a crucial objective on the path to long-term IPC sustainability and ownership at country level.

The results of the Acute Analysis in Malawi are currently under government review in order to be validated and then released. 


Southern Africa Malawi
Publication date
Mar 2015

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