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1st IPC Acute Analysis in Rwanda: Towards the institutionalization of IPC


In 2014 the Government of Rwanda expressed its interest in adopting IPC in order to inform the formulation of adequate decisions to address the issue of national food insecurity and malnutrition. As a result, the first IPC Level 1 Training was conducted in May 2014 and was the first IPC activity carried out in Rwanda, after various awareness raising initiatives. By the end of the training, national institutions with mandate on food security related matters agreed to form the Rwanda IPC Technical Working Group (TWG).

In January 2015, the IPC TWG conducted the first IPC Acute Analysis in the country, opening the door to the official process of IPC institutionalization. Representatives from Government and UN Agencies took part in the workshop, which was co-facilitated by IPC certified Analysts from Tanzania and Sudan. The IPC Information Support System (ISS) was utilized during the analysis. The co-facilitators used it for the first time and they will transmit their knowledge in their own countries.

The results of the analysis are currently going through the clearance process. The endorsement of the IPC products by the Government would represent a further crucial step towards the institutionalization of IPC in Rwanda. 


East & Central Africa Rwanda
Publication date
Mar 2015
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