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IPC in Swaziland


In August, an IPC Level 1 Training was held in Piggs Peak, Swaziland. The Training was very successful and well absorbed by all participants. IPC practitioners from Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe also took part in the workshop thanks to the IPC Cross-Country Learning Exchange Programme.

The following IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis was also successful and culminated in the preparation of a draft of the IPC communication brief, which summarizes the key findings of the analysis exercises. Following the analysis workshop, a core team of the SwaziVAC organized a consensus building meeting to obtain inputs from stakeholders ahead of submission of the products for endorsement.

The success of the analysis exercise was mainly aided by the use of the IPC Information Support System (ISS), as it facilitated and speeded up the analysis process. The presence of several Cross-Country Learning Exchange participants enabled a fruitful sharing of experiences and information, which also played a significant role in the success of the exercise.

Furthermore, through the participation in these workshops, around 25 practitioners fulfilled the necessary requirements towards their certification as IPC Analysts (Level 1) and IPC Trainers & Facilitators (Level 2).

Overall, the training was well received and some participants provided feedback on the spot, stating that they gained a clearer understanding of IPC concepts and procedures. Those who had not used the ISS platform before were eager to try it and indicated that they will strongly advocate for the use of the ISS in their respective countries, as it clarifies the IPC analytical approach thanks to his clear and well organized structure.


Southern Africa Swaziland
Publication date
Dec 2014

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