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Introducing IPC in Rwanda


For the first time, an IPC Level 1 Training took place in Rwanda, from 12 to 16 May 2014. The workshop involved 58 participants countrywide from various institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Bureau of Statistics, FAO, WFP and FEWSNET.

The training was the first IPC activity conducted in Rwanda, following various awareness raising initiatives. According to the Government of Rwanda, one of the key assets of IPC is its importance for decision-making and policy formulation. In fact, the IPC will contribute with comprehensive information to the formulation of adequate decisions to address the issue of food insecurity and malnutrition in the country.

Moreover, the introduction of the IPC tool in Rwanda is an opportunity to rend the current food insecurity analysis more transparent and relevant to strategic decision-making. The stronger linkages between information and priority response objectives will also allow a successful implementation of Rwanda’s plans for economic development and poverty reduction, such as the Nutrition Action Plan 2013-2017.

One of the key issues that emerged during the workshop was the institutionalization of the National IPC Technical Working Group (TWG), which will ensure sustainability of the technical team of food security practitioners in Rwanda. The TWG will be responsible for regularly updating decision makers on the overall food and nutrition security situation in the country.

By the end of the workshop, it was agreed that the institutions with mandate on food security related matters should be part of the TWG and be ready to share their information and complement the respective efforts for ensuring sustainable food and nutrition security in the country.

East & Central Africa
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Jul 2014

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