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Southern Africa: IPC consolidation of Acute Food Insecurity Analysis in 3 countries


The three countries - Lesotho, Malawi and Zimbabwe - that conducted the first round of IPC version 2.0 Level 1 training and analysis conducted the same activities this year as consolidation of last year’s activities. The activities began in Lesotho in June 2013 and continued in the other two countries, in the third quarter of the year. In July the IPC Version 2.0 Level 1 training and analysis was conducted in Zimbabwe and the same activities were conducted in Malawi in August.
The Southern African countries prefer to run the training and analysis back to back as the concepts are still clear in participants’ minds during the actual analysis.
Of the three countries, Zimbabwe is more advanced in terms of experience in IPC application. As a result, only Zimbabwe has produced a draft communication template, which is due to be submitted for validation. Lesotho has challenges that need further capacity building in terms of thorough understanding of the IPC implementation process and the LVAC (National IPC TWG) has indicated that they can source funding for a wrap-up session of the Acute Classification. Discussions are underway with the RVAC IPC TWG on the modalities of implementing the technical backstopping exercise in Lesotho.
Malawi is also in the process of finalizing the four products that result from an IPC exercise (TWG matrix, analysis worksheets, communication template, and self-assessment tool) and gearing up to submit them for endorsement in preparation for wider sharing within the region and globally.

Southern Africa
Publication date
Nov 2013

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