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Development of the IPC Global Strategic Programme 2014-2016


From June to September, the IPC Global Support Unit led the development of the first draft of the IPC Global Strategic Programme 2014-2016, working closely and in consultation with the IPC Global Steering Committee. To ensure country and regional priorities were reflected in the Strategic Programme, regional strategies have been developed with IPC Regional Coordinators and Country Technical Working Groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and then the broader global strategic programme has been defined to capture these country and regional output objectives.

Moreover, this consultative process for input at the global, regional and country level was also combined with a broader Partners and Donors Consultative Meeting, held on 4 October in the framework of the IPC Global Steering Committee Meeting.

During the consultative meeting, Ms Holleman, IPC Global Programme Manager, made a presentation on the IPC vision, outlining the main key points of the IPC Global Strategic Programme. She explained that the development of this Programme aimed to be results based, reflective of the needs at a country, regional and global levels and serves to create a common and shared vision for how the IPC is rolled out over the next 3 years. Key issues include effective linkages between IPC information and decision making, governance and institutionalization, technical developments and capacity building. Moreover, Ms Holleman highlighted the shift from a phase of technical development to a process of institutionalization and professionalization of IPC that would see all stakeholders engaged at all levels.

IPC Global, Regional and Country Partners will work to finalize the IPC Global Strategic Programme by December 2013. As a final step, the IPC Global Steering Committee will endorse and launch the Programme in January 2014.

Mr Alex Rees, Chair of the IPC Steering Committee, explained that the meetings were very successful. After years of work - he said - it is exciting to see that IPC is living an incredible moment of acceleration, with new strategic members joining the partnership, the IPC acute scale being more and more valued, the chronic scale being successfully piloted at field level, and with the prospect of a new Strategic Programme to pave the way for the coming 3 years.


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Nov 2013
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