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Uganda: Current Acute Food Insecurity Situation September-November 2016

01/09/2016 - 17/10/2016

The country is generally food secure (IPC Phase 1) with the exception of Karamoja region, which is majorly in stressed and in crisis (IPC Phase 3) in some eastern and central areas of the region.  


With regard to the population, the majority (83%) is minimally food insecure (IPC Phase 1), while 16% are stressed due to the effects of the country-wide prolonged dry spell that caused about 40% of crop loss across the country, and increased crop and livestock diseases and insecurity. Only 1% of the population is in crisis (IPC Phase 3) and is located in Karamoja, Teso, Acholi and West Nile regions. 


Two successive seasons characterized by crop failure, high livestock deaths and high food prices are the immediate causes of the food crisis situation in Karamoja region.


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