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Haiti: Current (Aug.-Sept. 2016) and Projected (Oct.-Dec.2016) Acute Food Insecurity Situation

01/08/2016 - 31/12/2016

As for August-September 2016, all analyzed areas were classified to be in Stressed (IPC Phase 2), except for 3 areas which are in the minimum phase (IPC Phase 1), namely: HT04-irrigation areas (rice zone of Artibonite); HT05-Banana (banana production area); and HT03 Plateau area of the Artibonite (sub-humid plateau region).


“HT01 Bas Nord-Ouest &Haut Artibonite”, which is often classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), is classified in Stressed (IPC Phase 2) taking into account some improvements in the food security situation and contributing factors, and the various interventions that are being carried out in the area. Nevertheless, this situation is very unstable. The area is likely to switch to Phase 3 at the slightest shock.


It should be noted that this classification by main livelihood zones may however take significant disparities at the lower level, at the municipal level, for example, due to the existence of factors such as the function of irrigated systems as well as limiting factors like a strong geographical isolation or localized climatic anomaly.  


The projection period corresponds to the second rainy season. It is expected an improvement in the situation in the different areas of analysis. Improved availability will contribute to lower prices for local food products. The harvest of beans, yam, and potato will increase availability of food from November. The improvement will not be sufficient to induce a phase change. All analyzed areas remain classified in Phase 2 (stressed) or at the minimum phase (phase 1). However, HT07 Sud /Grand Anse/Nippes and HT08 Littorale SO are expected to move from Phase 2 (stressed) into Phase 1 (minimal).


Download the report of the IPC current and projected acute food insecurity situation (in french) below>> 

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