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Republic of Sudan: Projected Acute Food Insecurity Overview - July - August 2015

01/07/2015 - 31/08/2015

Key Analysis Results

1. Abundant production of cereals and other food crops in the agricultural season due to good rain fall and early preparation of farm practices, availability of inputs. Early green harvest started in September and the above average harvest in most parts of Sudan influencing downward pressure on prices in many places (about 20 – 35% decline in prices in different areas and expected to be continued). Availability of vegetables and fruits expected to improve the dietary diversity and maintain the availability of food in the markets besides the cereals. Decline in staple food prices will enhance access to food.This will lead to reduction in number of people who are vulnerable to the high prices to access their food needs.

2. Concerning the other food security pillars, the situation is almost improving in most of the areas compared to the last update.

3. The nutrition status is expected to improve significantly in some areas due to the good harvest induced access and availability of diversified dietary intake as well as the continuous interventions from the Ministry of Health plus other partners.

4. Expected improvement in animal conditions and production. Due to The good pasture conditions.

5. The continuous efforts in conflict resolutions in some of the affected areas expected to improve the security situations, hence the stable security condition is expected to stabilize the food supplies and livelihood conditions.

6. All the above positive changes have contributed to reduce the number of people in Crisis and Emergency phases. However, some areas are still worsening, due to conflicts, insecurity and relatively higher prices.

7. Changes from the last update are expected to be in five states:

S.Kordofan (improvement), S.Darfur (worsening), C.Darfur (improvement), White Nile (improvement), and Red Sea (improvement). The other states show no changes in the phases.

8. Minor changes happened from the last update, while most of the localities remain stable.
The changes are in the following states:Gedaref,West Darfur,East Darfur and North Kordofan.

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The World Food Programme (WFP)unicefSICASave the ChildrenOxfamThe Joint research Center (JRC) of the European CommissionIGAD