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IPC Chronic Pilot in Philippines - Chronic Food Insecurity (CFI) Training and Analysis

27/02/2013 - 02/03/2013
IPC to run the prototype for analyzing chronic food insecurity

The chronic pilot in the Philippines was one of the pilots conducted during the testing period of the chronic IPC tools in Asia. The other chronic pilot exercise in Asia took place in Nepal in September 2012.


The 4-day IPC Chronic Food Insecurity (CFI) Training and Analysis Workshop aimed at:

  • introducing the IPC Prototype Chronic Food Insecurity scale and analysis tools analytical framework, reference table, analysis templates);
  • analyzing the chronic food security situation of Mindanao Province, and providing feedback and lessons learned from the chronic pilot exercise for further development of the chronic IPC analysis.

About 35 Filipino participants attended both events. Some of the participants were new, and most of them came from the development sector in the country, e.g. from the government agencies responsible for education and rural development. In addition there were two participants from Cambodia, and three from Nepal. The participants from Nepal also shared experiences of the chronic analysis conducted in Nepal during the training component of the workshop.


The report of the workshop and IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Map in the Philippines summarizing the findings for each area of analysis and highlighting the main chronic problems and recommendation are being finalized by the National Technical Working Group together with FAO Philippines and WFP.

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