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IPC Chronic Pilot in Bangladesh - Chronic Food Insecurity Training and Analysis, Nov. 2013

03/11/2013 - 07/11/2013
2nd Round of IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification Pilots

The Bangladesh pilot was the second pilot of the second round of piloting, which includes four countries: Kenya, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Guatemala. The draft tools developed for the second round of piloting by the chronic working group were first used in the Kenya pilot in September, and thereafter revised for use in Bangladesh and Guatemala.

The Bangladesh pilot workshop took place in Dhaka from 3 to 7 November 2013. The workshop was well attended by different members of the IPC Technical Working Group. Around 30 different organizations took part in the pilot.

The Bangladesh pilot was able to achieve its objectives of testing different chronic food insecurity analysis tools and reaching a draft classification of the seven divisions of Bangladesh. The workshop was very useful for further development of the chronic analysis, especially due to good data availability which allowed the review of the convergence of evidence and the alignment of indicators.

Overall the Bangladesh pilot showed that the approach chosen (analysis done on non-exceptional years, Reference Table and Analysis Worksheets) to a large extent works as expected. The feedback from the participants underlined that chronic analysis is valuable and useful for programming. However, there is a need to see how the causal analysis tools can serve the purpose of decision-making better, and to ensure the linkages between the chronic analysis and response. There is also a need to review and document the value-added of chronic compared to acute analysis, and how both can be used in a complementary way for decision-making. 


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