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IPC Fair Showcase and Seminar Series

04/10/2013 - 04/10/2013
IPC Usefulness and Experience from the Field

This year the IPC Global Steering Committee Meeting was combined with a Special IPC Partner and Donor Consultative Meeting and an IPC Showcase Fair & Seminar Series.


The on-going all day Fair exhibition, held on 4 October 2013, was open to the public and had information tables, staffed with IPC GSU staff, where people could learn more about the IPC consulting technical booklets and training materials, as well as examples of IPC Maps and Communication Productions generated by countries and regions.


The IPC Seminars, open to the public, was held in the afternoon of the same day to present the key innovations of IPC, the latest technical developments and implementation in the field, and how it contributes to the diverse demands of decision makers.

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