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1st Synthesis Meeting of the IPC Working Group on Classifying Chronic Food Insecurity

11/03/2013 - 14/03/2013

The IPC Global “Chronic Working Group” conveyed the 1st Synthesis Meeting from 11 to 14 March 2013 which was kindly hosted by the World Bank in Washington, USA. 
The purpose of the meeting was to review the feedback and lessons learnt from the first round of country pilots of the IPC prototype for classifying chronic food insecurity and work towards developing improved prototype(s).


The 1st Round of Chronic Pilot Exercises was conducted from October 2012 to February 2013 in Nepal and Malawi (Sept. 2012), Lesotho and Zimbabwe (Nov.2012), Honduras (Jan. 2013) and Philippines (Feb. 2013). The pilots focused on testing the IPC prototype tools and procedures to analyze chronic food insecurity introduced by the version 2.0 of the IPC Technical Manual.


In addition to the feedback from those country tests, the results of an index-based approach tested by FEWS NET by using the data from the pilot countries were also presented and used to inform further development of the chronic food insecurity classification tools.

IPC Global “Chronic Working Group”


IPC Global “Chronic Working Group” was formed on October 2012 and brings together the most relevant organizations and institutions acting in both emergency and development contexts. 

The members of the IPC Chronic Working Group have agreed to engage in piloting the IPC tools for classifying chronic food insecurity and reviewing the results also considering new and innovative approaches. The ultimate objective of the IPC Chronic Working Group is to develop a final model for classifying chronic food insecurity using the basic characteristics of the IPC approach.  


As of today the membership of the IPC Global Chronic Working Group” is composed of the IPC Global Partners and agencies as FANTA, ICF International, IFPRI and WB.  Country, Regional as well as donor institutions are also involved.

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