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IPC Chronic Pilot in Nepal - Chronic Food Insecurity (CFI) Training and Analysis

05/09/2012 - 13/09/2012
IPC to run the prototype for analyzing chronic food insecurity

Nepal is the first country in Asia where the IPC chronic food insecurity scale and tools have been tested.

The NeKSAP (Nepal Food Security Monitoring System) jointly developed by WFP and the Government of Nepal  has been using the IPC version 1.1 based tools for analysing and classifying acute food insecurity in the country and is already well established across Nepal up to the district level. This district-level system is currently going through a review process to apply the new IPC Version 2.0 approach which includes the prototype reference table and procedures to analyse Chronic Food Insecurity.


As a result, the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity (CFI) Training and Analysis Workshop had the overall objective of conducting the IPC chronic food insecurity analysis across Nepal for the first time. The results are being reviewed in order to provide feedback and lessons learned and further develop the IPC chronic chronic food insecurity scale and tools.

In Nepal, the IPC project is led by the Ministry of Agriculture Development and funded by ECHO.


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