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IPC Chronic Pilot in Honduras - Chronic Food Insecurity (CFI) Training and Analysis

25/02/2013 - 01/03/2013
IPC to run the prototype for analyzing chronic food insecurity

About 25 people from Government, UN, Regional technical projects and NGOs partecipated in the 1st pilot of IPC Chronic Scale in Honduras


The purpose of the workshop was to test prototypes of IPC chronic scales in order to provide inputs to the technical working group responsible for developing an IPC protocol for classifying Chronic Food Insecurity.


The workshop is regarded as a technical meeting in which experts in different fields that are relevant to food security will  test the three different prototypes and draw conclusions on prototype's fitness for purpose and other aspects related to the process of carrying out IPC Chronic Analysis.


The event was jointly organized and facilitated by FAO and FEWSNET, two IPC Global Partners, and also by PRESANCA. 

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