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The IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0 Launch: What’s new

12/10/2012 - 12/10/2012

This event launches version 2.0 of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual. It aims at presenting the key improvements and innovations of IPC Version 2.0 and at showing how the IPC evolved through time. This launch shows how this latest version contributes to the diverse demands of decision makers.


There will be a space for discussion, exchange of country level experiences and highlights of the  IPC’s future vision will be showcased. Representatives from donors agencies, UN and other international agencies, NGOs, Academia, and core actors working in the area of food security will participate in the launch.


The IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0 


Since 2006, the use of the IPC in diverse country contexts highlighted areas for improvement. The IPC Manual Version 2.0 aims at meeting these challenges and offers new innovations, such as the IPC analytical framework and prototype tools for analyzing chronic food insecurity situations. The IPC Manual Version 2.0 also reconciles key differences in approaches to food security analysis among national governments and international agencies, allowing for greater buy-in and collaboration.


This new version is the result of two years of technical consultations involving hundreds of professionals from different countries and regions. It gathers the inputs of national governments, NGOs, UN agencies, donors, and academic institutions.  
The IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0 was made possible by the support of several funding agencies, and in particular the European Union.

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