Acute Food Insecurity Classification

The current food insecurity IPC analysis results for August 2012 showed that the four states of Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazal are in minimal or none food insecurity (phase 1) with about 21% of the population in these states in food secure situation, however there [...]

Aug 2012 / Nov 2012

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

The results of the food insecurity analysis using the IPC version 2.0 conducted in April 2012 in Juba revealed that the food insecurity situation in the Republic of South Sudan is slightly lower than normal for this time of the year with pockets that are worse than others. Eight states covered by ir [...]

Apr 2012 / Jul 2012

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

According to the December 2011 IPC Acute Food Insecuirty Analysis, South Sudan is classified in IPC Phase 2 (Stressed), with 24.5% of the population whose food security is under pressure. Half of the population (50.7%) is currently in IPC Phase 1 (Minimal), 24.6% of the population remains in IPC Ph [...]

Dec 2011 / Mar 2012

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