Acute Food Insecurity Classification

About 166 localities are classified during this period. 52 localities are classified in IPC Phase 1, 92 as IPC Phase 2 and 22 as IPC Phase 3 (17% from the total localities). About 8 localities were not classified due to lack of information. Situation in the localities that are minimally food secu [...]

Oct 2016 / Mar 2017

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

A total of 147 localities have been classified, and all localities in Northern and Central states were classified between Phase 1 and 2, mainly due to better availability and accessibility to food, availability of basic services and stability in livelihoods systems. IPC Phase 3 found to be mostly in [...]

Apr 2016 / Jul 2016

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

In the first update of 2014, the country of Sudan was been classified at locality levels, most of the localities classified as under Stress or in Crisis (IPC Phases 2 and 3), e.g. the northern and River Nile, Gazira, and Khartoum states are classified at Phases 1 (Minimal) and 2 (irrigated areas wit [...]

May 2014 / Jul 2014

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

The unit of classification for IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis is the area. In Sudan the analysis was conducted at the locality level (some localities in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan were not analyzed due to lack of access, while West Kordofan state was not analyzed due to the fact that t [...]

Nov 2014 / Dec 2014

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

According to the analysis of Acute food insecurity the country has been classified at IPC Phases 1 (Minimal), 2 (Stressed), 3 (Crisis), (IPC Phase 4 Emergency was found in two localities in North Darfur State: besides North Darfur it was found in Red Sea, Blue Nile and white Nile).  There is an im [...]

Aug 2013 / Oct 2013

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

According to the acute analysis there are two hazards during the period: High food prices and insecurity. The Country was classified in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 in some areas like drought prone areas and insecure areas. Good rainy season led to good production for both crops and livestock. Increase i [...]

Feb 2013 / Apr 2013

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

According to the acute analysis, the Country was classified into in IPC phases 1 (Minimal), 2 (Stressed), 3 (Crisis) and 4 (Emergency) in some areas like drought prone areas and insecure areas. Food production showed surplus in irrigated areas, in central and Northern regions while some rain fed tr [...]

Aug 2012 / Oct 2012

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