Acute Food Insecurity Classification

Three years of consecutive severe drought have wiped out harvests and hampered people’s access to food in Madagascar’s Grand South region. Following the release of the IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis in May 2021, which revealed a greatly deteriorated situation, an IPC Acute Malnutrition analy [...]

Apr 2021 / Apr 2022

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

Overview: During the current period (October to December 2020), 1.06 million people (27% of the analysed population) are estimated to be facing high levels of acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above), including 204,000 people in Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and 859,000 in Crisis (IPC Phase 3). Durin [...]

Oct 2020 / Apr 2021

Acute Malnutrition Classification

From February to April 2020, corresponding to the hunger gap period (peak of malnutrition), 4 districts were classified in the Serious phase (IPC Phase 3) and 2 districts in the Alert phase (IPC Phase 2). In total, more than 100,000 children are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition during the [...]

Feb 2020 / Dec 2020

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

By the end of July 2020, corresponding to the harvest period, the number of people in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) in the nine districts analysed will likely reach approximately 527 000 (23% of the population analysed, an increase of almost 10% compared to the estimate made in October 2019). As for the [...]

Apr 2020 / Jul 2020

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

For the period from July to October 2019, compared to 2018 for the same period, the situation has improved considerably: only one district (Ampanihy) out of the 13 analysed is in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), and the rest are in Stress (IPC Phase 2). No district is in IPC Phase 4.  Despite this improvement [...]

Jul 2019 / Jun 2020

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

How severe, how many, and when: Up to July 2019, SEVEN of the THIRTEEN analyzed districts are classified in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis). 730,522 people, including 134,595 in IPC Phase 4 (Emergency), are estimated to be facing severe acute food insecurity – 21% of the 13 districts analyzed. 188,550 childr [...]

Jun 2019 / Dec 2019

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

KEY RESULTS FOR AUGUST-OCTOBER 2018 The period of analysis between the months of August and October covers the end of the harvest and the beginning of the lean season for all the analysed zones: the Great South (Ambovombe, Beloha, Bekily, Tsihombe, Ampanihy, Betioky, Morombe, Tuléar II, Amboasary) [...]

Aug 2018 / Mar 2019

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

KEY RESULTS FOR MARCH-JUNE 2018 The current period of the analysis coincides in part with the end of the lean season and the beginning of the crop season. Overall, we note a decrease in the number of people requiring urgent action in the areas most affected by the long drought of 2016, intensified [...]

Mar 2018 / Sep 2018

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

The period from August to October 2017 coincides with the harvest period but also at the beginning of the lean season especially for the households in phase 4 and 3. Because of insufficient food production that remains below the average of the last 5 years, the situation has slightly deteriorated [...]

Aug 2017 / Mar 2018

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

In geographical zones subject to this analysis, 9% of the population (about 262,800 people) are in emergency phase (IPC phase 4) and 27% (about 804,600 people) are classified in crisis phase (IPC phase 3). In the Southeastern regions, 9% of the population are in phase 4 (120,806 people) and 27% (364 [...]

Mar 2017 / Sep 2017

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