Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Acute Food Insecurity Situation for June 2016 - January 2017
People in food crisis and accelerated depletion of livelihood assets (IPC phases 3 and 4) down nearly 10%, despite the protracted crisis in DRC.
01.06.2016 > 31.01.2017



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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 14th cycle of IPC acute food insecurity analysis covered 136 territories, 94% of the national territory.

Four areas are of major concern: 

  1. Areas heavily affected by armed conflict in the east of the country causing population displacement, incursion of foreign and national armed groups;
  2. Areas affected by climatic and natural events such as floods due to the El Nino; these include areas where crops were decimated by rainwater and those affected by locusts, other plant pests and bush fires. Epidemics are recurrent and access to drinking water is very low;
  3. Main Areas of Burundian, Central Africa and South Sudanese refugees and other displaced groups which increases the pressure on the livelihoods of indigenous peoples; and
  4. Areas facing chronic food insecurity due to inadequate diet and affected by structural impediments to food security.

In total, it is estimated that 5.9 million people are in food crisis and accelerated depletion of livelihood assets (phases 3 and 4) in areas that have been classified. 

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