Sudan: Acute Food Insecurity Situation in August - October 2013
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According to the analysis of Acute food insecurity the country has been classified at IPC Phases 1 (Minimal), 2 (Stressed), 3 (Crisis), (IPC Phase 4 Emergency was found in two localities in North Darfur State: besides North Darfur it was found in Red Sea, Blue Nile and white Nile). 

There is an improvement in food security situation and livelihoods. This has led to change to better classification in some areas compared to the previous classification (February 2013) , on the other side there are localities turned for the worst phases . At the level of technical performance of the working groups there has been a significant improvement in the analysis and reporting status. Of the most important threats that coincided with this update are: flash floods and heavy rains (although it was late) that led to major damages in some areas where the inhabitants of those areas lost shelters and livelihoods assets, and they are assisted by some official supports and popular parties and other organizations. More losses were in Khartoum state while other States were also affected, the states of the River Nile, Northern, Red Sea , Sennar and Gazira.

Rising food prices directly impact the possibility of access to food for vulnerable groups especially those that do not have the means of production to provide food with low income to buy the food they need. The insecurity situation was adversely affected the supply of food in Darfur states, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile, displacement and poor access to food is one of the main reasons for the classification in phases 3 and 4. 

Improvement in drinking water in the Red Sea State is a result of run off Khawr Arbaat which is the main source of drinking wateradded to the other creeks. While Kordofan and Darfur States are suffering from problems of water availability, especially in rural areas.

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