Sudan: Acute Food Insecurity Situation February - April 2013
01.02.2013 > 30.04.2013



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  • According to the acute analysis there are two hazards during the period: High food prices and insecurity. The Country was classified in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 in some areas like drought prone areas and insecure areas.
  • Good rainy season led to good production for both crops and livestock. Increase in sorghum production by 140.3 % and millet by 191.4% ( stable food crops) in rain fed and irrigated areas. Good food availability has moved some areas from phase 3 & 4 to 1 or 2.
  • Livelihood assets were severely affected in borders due to conflict.
  • Food prices increased two times from the last update, this put more burdens for vulnerable groups and made it difficult to access food. Added to that, the insecurity conditions are the main causes of phase 3&4.
  • Border states to south Sudan suffer also from insecurity which affect both availability and access to food, while the big numbers of returnees caused some pressure at White Nile state.
  • Still Food consumption recorded as poor for the Grater Darfur states, due to civil unrest, displacement and poor access to food.
  • In eastern region ( Red sea and Gedaref states) shortage of safe and sufficient water is the main causes for deteriorated conditions , added to high food prices.

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