Madagascar: Acute Malnutrition Situation March - May 2017 and Projection for June - September 2017 (Grand Sud)
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  • The districts of Bekily, Beloha and Amboasary Atsimo are classified as in IPC "Serious" Malnutrition for the period March to May 2017; they will risk staying there until September 2017 with the exception of Bekily. Action will be needed to reduce urgently the high levels of malnutrition recorded in these areas.
  • The other districts analyzed namely Betioky, Ampanihy, Tsihombe, Ambovombe, Taolagnaro are in IPC "alert" phase. For the projected period (June to September 2017), no phase change is foreseen for these five districts as the beginning of this period coincides with the post-harvest period when improved food availability and accessibility is expected. At the same time, treatment programs for cases of acute malnutrition are under way although they deserve to be strengthened to avoid a further deterioration of the situation. These should contribute to maintaining or even achieving a slight improvement in the current situation.
  • Inadequate food intake, inadequate access to food, and high exposure to diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, fever, acute respiratory infection (ARI) of the studied areas.
  • Education and literacy of heads of households and the adaptability of families to unusual shocks are also major causes of the situation currently prevailing in the areas studied and deserving special attention.

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