Mozambique: Acute Food Insecurity Situation June - September 2017 and Projection for October 2017 - March 2018
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Period from June to September 2017:
In the period from June to September 2017, 51,909 people in two of the analyzed provinces are in need of urgent interventions to protect their livelihoods and reduce food shortages. The main causes were inadequate food consumption, insufficient food reserves, pest incidence and crop diseases. Qualitative information indicates the plague of rats in the provinces of Sofala and Tete is reaching concerning levels. The most affected were 3% of households that were classified in "Stress" (IPC Phase 2) and 0.3% of households classified in "crisis" (IPC Phase 3).

Approximately 96% of households in the 10 Provinces concerned were in the minimum phase of food insecurity (IPC Phase 1). These are households that have harvested some crops, have adequate food consumption and other assets that can be sold sustainably.

Period from October 2017 to March 2018:
The seasonal calendar indicates that the period from October 2017 to March 2018 will coincide with the rainy season, preparation of sowing fields of the 1st season and vegetative development of crops. It is during this period that there is a depletion of reserves and a rise in the prices of products on the market. However, it is projected that 3% of households in the affected provinces will remain in the "stress" phase, phase 2 of the IPC-Acute Food Insecurity (IPC-InSAA). And 2% of households in the provinces of Gaza, Inhambane, Sofala, Tete and Zambézia will be classified as "crisis" (phase 3 of the IPC-InSAA). These are those that will not have food reserves, do not have or have very limited access to other sources of income, and are susceptible to a reduction in food consumption.

The most affected people in the provinces surveyed in both periods cover households that depend mostly on agriculture, living in places with poor access to safe drinking water and poor sanitation.


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